William Wick

William Bartholomew Wick, a.k.a Wick, was born to be a pirate. Never one to back away from a fight and always had a love for the sea. As a boy, Wick led a group of kids to take over an entire island. It was from that event that Wick was asked to join the crew as the powder monkey. It is his job to clean and load weapons and blow things up. Legend is, he created an explosion so big, he took out an entire armada of ships, depending on who you ask. Because of that explosion, Wick now is perpetually followed by squirrels, which were inhabiting an adjacent island. Wick can usually be found scurrying around in the rigging.

Peg Leg Meg

When Meg when was just 14, her dream was to become a pirate. At that time it was considered to be bad luck for women to be on pirate ships, so Meg had to dress up and act like a boy in order to join the pirate crew. So dressed as such, Meg made it aboard the Pieces of Eight pirate ship. She was an excellent pirate, brave and fierce. So she told the captain she was a woman, he had already figured that out. To this day she sails aboard the Pieces of Eight. Peg Leg Meg is more than just a name, it’s a warning, cross her path and you may find yourself with a peg leg!

Mad Mike

John Michael Parker Wellington was the son of a well to do treasury official in London. While at the University of Oxford for human and social studies he frequently visited the docks of London to study the people. One day he was kidnapped and he found himself aboard an English Royal Navy ship! For two years he was beaten and flogged and worked like a dog, with very little rations in horrible conditions. In 1717 the ship was attacked by pirates on the Pieces of Eight. He was given a sword and told to fight off the pirates, but he went mad and started fighting the English, slaying one after another. Captain Fancy Face Phil saw his actions and took him on as one of the crew. The crew took a liking to him and dubbed him “Mad Mike”. He was then promoted to “Ship Psychiatrist”.

Fancy Face Phil

Fancy Face Phil was born (and that is all you need to know). The 5th Fancy Face of four, he learned everything he knows about pirating on Starve Island. He came to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth, but all he found was bilge water. When not sailing the high seas, Fancy Face enjoys riding the Loch Ness Monster, Black Flag, rum (Pyrat of course), and long walks on the beach. Little known fact about Fancy Face Phil: he wrecked the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Everlynn Gray

Weapon of choice: Knives

Everlynn is a maid from a family of long time pirates. She and her mother were known for their thieving ways until her mother got caught stealing red handed and was marooned on a desert island. When they arrived in Tortuga, Everlynn escaped to a different ship called Pieces of Eight. She hopes to one day reunite with her mother.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack is one of the most notorious pirate to ever sail the seven seas (sometimes even sideways). Born on a pirate ship off the coast of India during a typhoon, Jack was a pirate of the sea from the first breath he took. A man of legend, he made a deal with Davy Jones , fought the Kraken , died, escaped Davy Jones’ locker , killed Davy Jones, found the fountain of youth, and to this day lives on sailing aboard a ship which grants everlasting life to it’s crew, The Pieces Of Eight.

James Tiberius Flaherty

Flaherty was once the most feared and respected pirate in the Brethren Court. The Pirate Lord of Madagascar resigned to become the Captain of the everlasting ship of eternal life, or as he renamed it “The Pieces Of Eight”. Despite his gruff demeanor, he does have a sense of humor as well as musical skill, and artistry. His crew is made up of world renowned pirates because he is said to have knowledge of immortality which keeps his crew alive for eternity. He heeds a warning in his word “It’s not just about living forever, the trick is living with yourself forever.”