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Our Tale

Pieces-of-Eight was a type of Spanish currency. It was actually the most famous of coins associated with the New World. “Eight Reals” or pieces-of-eight known to pirates, were minted in the Spanish Main and sent back to Europe in huge quantities with treasure fleets.

Pirates plundered many Spanish galleons in search of pieces-of-eight as a handful would have been worth a small fortune to any pirate. Our Pieces of Eight ship was built in 2005 and is 65’ long, 25’ wide, weighs in at 79 tons, powered by twin diesel engines, and is US Coastguard inspected. We can accommodate up to 100 hearty pirates!

The Pirate Pub

During the 90-minute cruise, sea dogs can explore the upper and lower decks or take a break inside the pirate pub, where a full bar is stocked with beverages. Snacks are available for purchase as well as pirate loot and souvenirs. We accept cash or credit, but not your children!