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Meet Our Pirates

Each crew member is carefully chosen based upon their charismatic pirate personas and enthusiastic interaction with children and adults alike. We are pleased to introduce the Fort Myers Beach crew including: Capt. Jack, Skipper Fancy Face Phil, Doctor Flarity, Peg Leg Meg, Blackbeard, Pick Pocket Pete, Bermuda Jill, Scurvy Scarlet, and Miss Gray.


Captain Sparrow

Born: 1751 Bristol, England

Just when you thought his adventures were over, Captain Sparrow has been blessed to sail the Seven Seas on board the Pieces of Eight, which grants him everlasting live. Sparrow is one of nine pirate lords in the Brethren Court, the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas.

He can be treacherous and survives mostly by using his wit and powers of persuasion rather than force, however he is highly skilled with both the blade and pistol. Captain Sparrow is the leader of our pirate crew.


Pick Pocket Pete

Origin: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Hand to Hand Combat

The origins of Pick Pocket Pete are unknown. Some say he was raised by wolves in the jungle and some say monkeys. Either way a pirate’s life is all he has known. He is a thief and over time, has stolen diamonds rings, magic lamps, pots of gold, hatter’s hat, as well as few hearts. His weapons of choice are his hands, using a-little-bit of karate and a lot-a-bit of karazy! Pick Pocket Pete seeks mischief, adventure, and high fives.

He is always looking for a partner in crime to help steal treasure. Keep your belongings close as things tend to go missing around him. Today you will find Pick Pocket on the Pieces of Eight Pirate Ship and he is always willing to make new friends. “I am master of disguise & fly so low you cannot recognize, I think quick on my feet, my name is the one & only… Pick Pocket Pete say “whaaaaat!” – Pick Pocket Pete

a woman wearing a hat

Kut-Throat Kali

Born: 1701

Weapon of choice: Cutlass

Kut-Throat Kali hails from the British Isles. She is a fierce defender of women and children on the high seas.  Blessed by the siren with the art of deadly seduction, and the gift of prophesy. Her gypsy spirit for adventure and conquest marks her as the embodiment of female power and beauty.


Mad Mike

Born: 1698

Weapon of choice: Sword

John Michael Parker Wellington was the son of a well to do treasury official in London. While at the University of Oxford for human and social studies he frequently visited the docks of London to study the people. One day he was kidnapped and he found himself aboard an English Royal Navy ship! For two years he was beaten and flogged and worked like a dog, with very little rations in horrible conditions.

In 1717 the ship was attacked by pirates on the Pieces of Eight. He was given a sword and told to fight off the pirates, but he went mad and started fighting the English, slaying one after another. Captain Fancy Face Phil saw his actions and took him on as one of the crew. The crew took a liking to him and dubbed him “Mad Mike”. He was then promoted to “Ship Psychiatrist”.


Sir Reven Drake

Born : 1699 during a typhoon in the Indian Ocean

Weapon of choice: Wrist mounted blade

Sir Reven Drake is the great grandson of the famed explorer and circumnavigator of the world, Sir Francis Drake. Reven Drake is an explorer, antiquities collector and pirate scourge of the 10 Seas.

During a century of pirating, he has found artifacts that grant him everlasting life, and a ship from the city of Atlantis which he now captains. Join him on his adventures as he searches for all the treasures of the world.

Pirate Fort Myers Beach

Everglade Jade aka "Jade In The Shade"

Born – 1647 – Somewhere in the Caribbean

Weapon Of Choice – Bottle Opener

Everglade Jade is the last known surviving member of Captain Henry Morgan’s crew. It is unknown how she made her way to be part of the Pirate Crew, but she proved herself a very valuable asset. She was able to smuggle the recipe of Spiced Rum back to the Pirate Ship, before the British could take it for themselves. Legend says, she fought off 15 men with just a bottle of Spiced Rum, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. So when you’re aboard the Pirate Ship Pieces of Eight, you’ll find Everglade Jade in the Shade in the Galley mixing a Pirate’s Punch or Rum Runner. Just beware when she has a bottle or two in her hand.

Fort Myers Beach pirate TY

Typhoon Ty

Born – 1667 – Panama

Weapon Of Choice – Dagger

A pirate through and through, Ty started on the Fort Myers Beach pirate ship in 2017. He’s best known for being the most humble and modest man who ever lived. Typhoon knows how to use a flintlock, but prefers daggers and short swords. If he is tasked with defeating a man, he prefers looking them in the eyes while doing so. Ty was born in England and served in the Royal Navy for 3 weeks before he was attacked by a small group of pirates. He was given a choice: join their crew or swim home. Ty can’t swim. So Ty became a pirate. Much to his surprise, he realized that this was his glorious purpose. The pirate ship is home for him, and he truly loves what he does.

a person standing next to a body of water

Six Bottle Bonnie

Six Bottle Bonnie comes to us from the Great Lakes. Bonnie led a rather ordinary life outside of Detroit, until the tragic death of her Viking husband, Erik.  Soon after, she was introduced to the pirate life. She joined the crew of the Crystal and began smuggling rum. Rumor has it that one time during shore leave she drank six bottles of rum before passing out, earning her the name Six Bottle Bonnie.

A few years after becoming a widow, Bonnie met a young lad who lived in Florida. He wooed her away from Michigan, and they married a year later. Bonnie couldn’t leave the pirate life behind, so she joined the crew of the Pieces of Eight. She can often be found behind the bar serving rum, and is now known as the fastest bottle in SW Florida.

a group of people standing in front of a boat

Misty Seamore

Born – 1707

Weapon of Choice – Cutlass

Misty is the only known pirate to make it out of the feared Bermuda triangle. She learned the ways of the dolphin and rode on their backs to escape. She came across the Pieces of Eight pirate ship on Fort Myers Beach and enjoyed the adventures so much she decided to make it her new home.

a man wearing a hat and glasses

Sunny The Salty One

Born – Centuries Ago

From – A small island in the Aegean Sea

Weapon of Choice – Wooden Spoon

Sunny comes to us after many adventures on the high seas. He started as a mere insignificant deck mate, and now keeps the crew alive! Not with a Sword or a Flint Lock Pistol but with his Wooden Spoon. He’s the ship’s cook and sometimes also the kook. He serves the crew beans and rice one day and rice and beans the next day. And of course, plenty of Grog!!