Our Tale

Pieces-of-Eight was a type of Spanish currency. It was actually the most famous of coins associated with the New World. “Eight Reals” or pieces-of-eight known to pirates, were minted in the Spanish Main and sent back to Europe in huge quantities with treasure fleets. Pirates plundered many Spanish galleons in search of pieces-of-eight as a handful would have been worth a small fortune to any pirate. Our Pieces of Eight ship was built in 2005 and is 65’ long, 25’ wide, weighs in at 79 tons, powered by twin diesel engines, and is US Coastguard inspected. We can accommodate up to 100 hearty pirates!

The Pirate Pub

During the 90-minute cruise, sea dogs can explore the upper and lower decks or take a break inside the pirate pub, where a full bar is stocked with beverages. Snacks are available for purchase as well as pirate loot and souvenirs. We accept cash or credit, but not your children!

Meet Our Pirates

Each crew member is carefully chosen based upon their charismatic pirate personas and enthusiastic interaction with children and adults alike. We are pleased to introduce the Fort Myers Beach crew including: Capt. Jack, Skipper Fancy Face Phil, Doctor Flarity, Peg Leg Meg, Blackbeard, Pick Pocket Pete, Bermuda Jill, Scurvy Scarlet, and Miss Gray.

Blackheart Roberts

Ship’s Mortician, and MerQueen
Blackheart is the daughter of the infamous pirate, Black Bart Roberts, and Amphitrite, goddess of the seas. Raised on and in the water, Blackheart first earned her name by her unusual aptitude for the morticiary arts aboard her father’s ship. Also a mermaid, she tutored under her mother to reign as the queen of all seas, both those known to mortals, and those not. Blackheart ended up aboard The Pieces of Eight after a freak sharknado hit her ship, and the PO8 happened across the shipwrecked mermaid.

Poop Deck Pappy

Born: 1751 Bristol, England
This man gained his nickname because he spends all his time on the poop deck as the skipper of our ship driving around the Gulf of Mexico looking out for icebergs. Pappy has many a tale to tell anyone who wants to listen. He has sailed with many ships like the Edmund Fitzgerald and the Titanic, sinking both of them with his bare hands. When Pappy is not on the poop deck, he can be found drinking full bottles of rum at the bar and searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth.

Morgan Robert Levy

Age: 356
Born: In a long boat
Weapon of Choice: Pointy things and stuff that goes boom
Morgan is a mystery of a pirate. His father is unknown but rumored to be a notorious pirate. Morgan, however, is not what you would call a "successful" pirate. His adventures include: the fleeing of Port Royal, the attempted thought of the raid on Cuba, and the triumphant setting of the clock on his VCR.
He tends to daydream and can be, at times...... a few cards short of a full deck.

Peg Leg Meg

Born: Saxon, England
Weapon of Choice: Swords and Knives
Peg Leg Meg always knew she wanted to be a pirate, but since women were considered bad luck aboard, she had to prove her worthiness to the crew. She once saved the captains life in an attack by the Royal Navy and was immediately hired on. Her name is not because she has a peg leg, but a warning to others, cross her and you may find yourself with one!

Mad Mike

Born: 1698
Weapon of choice: Sword
John Michael Parker Wellington was the son of a well to do treasury official in London. While at the University of Oxford for human and social studies he frequently visited the docks of London to study the people. One day he was kidnapped and he found himself aboard an English Royal Navy ship! For two years he was beaten and flogged and worked like a dog, with very little rations in horrible conditions.
In 1717 the ship was attacked by pirates on the Pieces of Eight. He was given a sword and told to fight off the pirates, but he went mad and started fighting the English, slaying one after another. Captain Fancy Face Phil saw his actions and took him on as one of the crew. The crew took a liking to him and dubbed him “Mad Mike”. He was then promoted to “Ship Psychiatrist”.

Everlynn Gray

Weapon of choice: Knives

Everlynn is a maid from a family of long time pirates. She and her mother were known for their thieving ways until her mother got caught stealing red handed and was marooned on a desert island. When they arrived in Tortuga, Everlynn escaped to a different ship called Pieces of Eight. She hopes to one day reunite with her mother.