Host Ye


Wit' Us!

Tis be th' most excitin' attraction on Fort Myers Beach!


We entertain th' children wit' scurvy fun including: live cannon rounds, a mutiny against the Captain, games & nautical nonsense!


Book th' boat or join an existin' cruise fer a ruckassure to be remembered fer ages!

Click here for private charter information


Heartly enjoy a special group rate fer parties 'o 20 people or more.


 We also have 2 waterfront dinin' restaurants to host a meal fer th' birthday parrrty with kids meals at $5 per child:

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill or Bootleggers Waterfront Barbeque


Decorate our pavilion wit' pirate essentials available in th' Pirate Store to make ye parrrty th' best jolly day fer all th' buckos!