1. Where does the cruise go?

The ship sails out of Salty Sam’s Marina, through Mantanzas Pass and out onto the Gulf of Mexico between Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach. Weather may require the ship to take an alternate route.


2. Do you have food and drinks on the boat?

    We have a full service bar on the ship and snacks available for purchase with cash or credit. There are also two award winning waterfront restaurants at Salty Sam’s Waterfront Adventures, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill and Bootleggers Waterfront Barbeque


3. Will it be scary for the younger children?

    Our cruises are family oriented with friendly pirates filled with shenanigans and nautical nonsense!


4. Are babies allowed?

    Yes. There are no age limits. Strollers are accepted at the Captain’s discretion. We do have a changing table on board.


5. Can I bring a disabled family member?

    Yes. The ship is handicapped accessible and the crew always does their best to insure that the cruise is interactive and enjoyable to everyone.


6. Do you do birthday parties?

    The pirate ship is available for birthdays on private charters or on public cruises. The birthday boy or girl can be named an honorary crew member and the children get treasure on the cruise. The restaurants can be used for lunch and a private picnic area is available as well.


7. When should we arrive to check in?

    We recommend that you plan to arrive 45 minutes before the departure time for check in. We start boarding 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Head to the pirate store/cruise office to check in and receive your tickets.


8. Where do we go when we get there?

    Pirate Treasures is on the left of Parrot Key Caribbean Grill and that is where you will check in. For directions, click here.

9. What is the cancellation policy?

     All tickets must be cancelled outside of 24hrs before a scheduled cruise time in order to receive a refund. Any ticket cancelled within 24hrs of a cruise, or a no show, will incur a fee. The full policy is detailed as follows;

"All sales are final. P.O.E reserves the right to cancel or reschedule trips at any time without prior notice and deny service to any person(s) for any reason whatsoever. Ticket holders will incur a fee for all reservations that are "no shows," cancelled, and for tickets transferred, lost or reprinted. P.O.E's schedule is subject to change for any reason at any time. If the trip is rescheduled for any reason including due to a rain-out, this ticket will be valid for the rescheduled trip date and time, and the ticket holder will not be entitled to a ticket exchange or refund for any reason. If the trip specified on this ticket is cancelled in its entirety and not rescheduled, this ticket must be presented in person for a full refund of the face value of the ticket only."